Thursday, April 3, 2014

Museum Shots

The Long Road Exhibition took place at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, and saw the students that attended the retreat Ilam showcasing their work alongside Richard Long's fantastic artworks.
This was an amazing opportunity for current undergraduate students to see their work on display in a wonderful space.
But more than that, to be able to see works  made in response to such an important British artist as Long shown alongside his, this has been such a fantastic experience, and the works made demonstrate just how seriously the students grasped it.
Well done to all involved!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Final Idea: Cloud Thorpe

Hello all,

Sorry that I haven't posted as much

I am ready to show an idea of my final work, I call it Cloud Thorpe,

After looking at Long's textwork, I was set clear on where I wanted to venture into the project. I was inspired by his textwork and the way he structures his sentences and documents his travels.

From the pictures I gathered,  I had mostly taken a variety of landscape pictures. However, I was more interested in the panoramic pictures. Here are some examples.

From looking at the pictures and the text, I had preferred the vertical panoramic pictures, which shows a symmetrical line that is in the landscape. I like the idea of my feet being at the bottom, just to give the sense of the straight direction. After looking at these pictures, I then realised that the text would stand out in a vertical line, and would then be placed in the middle.

Finally, I came across this picture, which shows that symmetrical line in the landscape and was suitable to display in the exhibit.

Using, Long's textwork  as a guideline, I looked at my written notes and decided to write a long sentence, roughly about 50-55 words.  After a few drafts, this was the final result.


I then, decided that the sentence would look more visible in a straight line, and placed in the middle of the sentence. I decided to use an Arial font, as it was easier to read, and the colour would be white.

So here's the final piece for the Long Road Project. Here's the final draft of the piece.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Exhibition Idea

I was looking back at the pictures I took of the signage that was trying to control the environment around the Peak District. These are a couple that I like:

I wanted to use these pictures in some way. Ive been looking at the environment in my own practice in the studio and have been collecting receipts to look at how consumerism is taking over. 

After thinking for a bit I started to collect some leaves and wanted to have a go at transferring the pictures onto them. The reason being I want to emphasis how although it maybe advertises being one with nature, we are also trying to control our experience.

This is an attempt at producing the leaf with image transfer:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The return.

Went back to the Peak District yesterday. I must say it was rather lovely when the ice had hit the fields at the top of the hills. Very peaceful   Looked like an Eden with all the frost sticking to he leaves of the trees. Glad I went even if it was cold and snowy! Got some great shots. Mainly went there to get the inspiration flowing again!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Long Road Project.


Throughout the weekend I have been looking at the vast detail of the Peak District and have noticed that the area conveys a peaceful feel within the environment. Being from the city and living within the city of Stoke-on-Trent, you forget how quiet the country side can be.

On the second day of the residency I took a trip up to Dovedale, where I found there was even more detail and colour within the landscape. Walking along the river was a lovely experience as the sound of the rushing water conveyed such a passive feeling, creating a great atmosphere for me to shoot in.

Being a photography student, I have documented this weekend through the medium of photography, by capturing different aspects of Ilam Park and other areas within the Peak District. I have enjoyed learning about how three other mediums such as, Animation, Music Technology and Fine Art, can capture the essence of such a beautiful place, and represent the area in completely different yet exciting ways.

One of the main focuses of the weekend, for me, was the immense amount of colour of the area, and how you could see one colour of a certain tree, such as orange and yellow and how that would contrast with the greens of the grass or the blue sky.
My thought for the Long Road Project , is to represent the area of the Peak District through blurred and focused image. I want to display the Peak District in two different ways as I want to discover how my viewers will see the Peak District and if the viewers of my images capture the same feeling from both pictures of the same area.

Another main experience which I enjoyed this weekend was exploring the area, and having quite a lot of time to just walk around and photograph the beautiful landscape.

Overall the weekend was a great success, as I now know not to just experience a certain place and its landscape through vision, but also through sound, and in some circumstances, touch, as everywhere creates sound as much as every place has a certain texture for us to feel and see.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Peaceful to Mayhem

I really enjoyed going to Ilam and it really opened my eyes to what is just around the corner. Unfortunately I could not stay at the hostel as it was full but I really wanted to be part of this so I decided to drive to Ilam each day to take part. When driving to Ilam it felt weird as the roads changed from motorway to main road to country lanes then at Ilam it changed to path ways and dirt tracks. I like the fact even though it was only a 30 minute drive from my house how different it became. Not only for landscape but the change of input that man has on the environments. Like Stoke-on-Trent has a lot of man made input e.g. shops, houses, roads ect where as up in Ilam even though Man does keep the environment nice its a lot more natural with tree's and animals. I want to show this change within my work as it is the Potteries Museum after all so i feel the Potteries need to be interpreted in my work somewhere.